Sharing Space was a CRC newsletter that previously came out three times a year. The main goal was to give new ideas for facilitators and also to share information about various CRC programs. Contributing writers and CRC staff contributed articles about other materials to Sharing Space that reflected CRC’s mission and vision for a more peaceful and just world.
Now, Sharing Space has become a blog where we can “share” articles, materials and event happenings, just as we did in the old Sharing Space newsletter. This blog will be the new place to share new information as well as post some of the old Sharing Spaces that were printed over several years. We welcome your comments. We also welcome articles and ideas on how you have used CRC’s ideas and materials; please send to

Restorative Justice

Restorative justice is becoming more popular every day as an alternative to the punitive model of accountability for harm. The philosophy, skills, and practices to implement restorative justice are in greater demand. Check out this New York Times article to learn more.

An Article about CRC in a German Newsletter

Each year, the German peace organization Eirene dispatches volunteers who want to help organizations all over the world. CRC hosted Christopher Ohnesorg, Malte Greiner-Petter, and Johannes Glatz from Germany, and was grateful for their volunteer efforts. Eirene’s newsletter always features articles about the work their volunteers do.  This article focuses on Johannes’ time with Creative …

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