Teen Program

For teens, the animals represent spirit characters in a hard-driving rap ‘n roll opera

“I read THE LEGEND OF THE BULLYPROOF SHIELDS and I cried, I cheered, and shared my excitement and joy with my fellow workers. I loved the opera. It is very moving and entertaining. Your integration of the many powerful concepts of power, race, search, culture, and belief is superb.” — Jack Guillebeaux, Connectors, Inc


Teens add their own hip-hop, rap and rhythm and blues music to our stageplay to create a “rap ‘n roll” Opera. Upon agreeing to the Terms of Use they can even write their own plays in which our Bullyproof animals help their characters meet the challenges in their own lives.

Learning BULLYPROOF concepts, script writing, creating rap numbers, rehearsing, and performing the show gives troubled youth vital tools to begin rebuilding their lives.

Download the opera script!

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