CRC School-Based Workshops

Creative Response to Conflict workshops help teachers, teacher’s assistants and other school staff learn skills for creative conflict resolution they can use themselves and teach to students.

A unique blend of cognitive and social-emotional learning, CRC’s approach to conflict resolution skill building can easily be integrated into the classroom curriculum. The in-school workshops provide interactive activities and games that help students recognize creative and positive alternatives to negative behavior. With practice and coaching from their teachers and teaching assistants, students become proficient in resolving conflict.

When CRC concepts are integrated into the school setting, educators and students feel part of a safer, more open and more productive school community. These are skills that last long after the workshops are done, they last a lifetime.

Workshops include:

  • Staff Development workshops
  • Staff and In-Classroom Workshops can be in any CRC theme, but the first ones schools tend to start with are: Conflict Resolution, Bias Awareness, Creative Responses to Bullying, Problem Solving
  • Three-Day Peer Mediation Training (for students and staff)
If you are interested in designing workshops such as the above mentioned for your staff or students, please contact CRC at: 845-353-1796 or