The CRC bookstore is the place to go for publications, articles and music related to creative conflict resolution. This bookstore is a valuable resource for the classroom, nonprofit organization, for personal development, or to use in conjunction with CRC workshops.

Below are our currently available books:

Tales from the Dragon’s Cave – Peacemaking Stories for Everyone
by Arlene Williams forward by Priscilla Prutzman Arlene Williams masterfully weaves four CRC themes into wonderful fairytales. The themes explored are: Affirmation – building self confidence, Communication – especially listening skills, Cooperation and Win/Win conflict resolution. $16.00

Spinning Tales, Weaving Hope: Stories of Peace, Justice and the Environment edited by Brod A collection of 29 stories for children (and adult children). Includes suggested follow-up activities. $23.00

Families Creating a Circle of Peace
Compiled by Jim Mcginnis, Ken and Gretchen Lovingood, and Jim Vogt
Available in English and Spanish. Families Against Violence Advocacy Network created this booklet. It addresses the concerns of parents,family members, and all committed individuals who wish to take a stand for peace and justice in today’s increasingly violent world. It is based on a Family Pledge of Nonviolence and includes 40 pages of stories, suggestions, activities, and other resources to help people live each component of the pledge in their every day lives. $5 for 1-24 copies, $4 for 25-99 copies, $3 for 100 plus copies

Creative Conflict Resolution: More than 200 Activities for Keeping Peace in the Classroom K-6, by William Kreidler With over 20 conflict resolution techniques with examples and worksheets, this book discusses how to resolve conflicts with students, parents, administrators and other teachers. $13.00

We Can Do It! Morrison, R. Dehr, R.M. Bazar. A peace book for kids of all ages. $3.00

Student Mediation Packet – Methods and materials used in CRC mediation training for school children. Includes mediation scripts, articles and handouts. $10.00

Alternatives to Violence Workbook
New edition compiled by John Looney This workbook provides everything a person might need when implementing a conflict resolution curriculum; syllabus, worksheets, readings, exercises, charts and more. A student version is also available. $25.00

Playing with Fire: Creative Conflict Resolution for Young Adults
By Fiona Macbeth and Nic Fine This practical and ready to use guide presents a complete training program for helping teenagers and young adults deal creatively with interpersonal conflict and violence. Great for teachers, youth workers, social workers, counselors, administrators and others. $19.95

Kids Working It Out
Edited by Tricia S. Jones and Randy Compton. Includes a chapter by Priscilla Prutzman
A book full of stories and strategies that help make peace in our schools. $35.00

Peacemaker’s A,B.C’s for Young Children
By R.A. Janke and J.P. Peterson With this book, you can teach children the A.B.C’s of conflict resolution. Using these creative ideas and interactive lesson plans, the classroom will be more peaceful and the children will learn how to become peacemakers. $9.00

Your Community Mediation Center: What It Is and What It Does
By Dr. Clare Danielsson, PhD. This booklet discusses the inner workings of a successful community mediation center. Available in English and French. $5.00

Creating a Peaceful Classroom for Young Children
By Mary Ann McPherson This is a manual for preschool teachers and childcare providers, which has the goal of teaching very young children to become successful prolem solvers. It includes resources and activities based on CRC’s four main themes. $20.00

Getting Through to Kids: Problem Solving with Children Ages 6-18
By Philip Mountrose With this hands-on, five-step approach manual, both adults and young people can learn to effectively deal with conflicts and problem solve. $11.95

Tips and Tools For Getting Thru to Kids: Innovative Approaches for
Pre-School to Teens By Philip Mountrose This book covers keys to successful listening and offers practical ways for adults to improve communication with the young people in their life. $12.95

Music and More

Children’s Songs for a Friendly Planet

Compiled by Evelyn Weis, Priscilla Prutzman and Nancy Siber These songs cover a wide range of topics. Some songs are about: foreign lands, joy and laughter, friendship and caring, freedom and social justice. Other songs are about: peace, peace heroes and heroines, and about non-violent movements of former and modern times. There are thirty-two songs in all. Single copy $6.50, 6-10 copies $6.25

Come Join The Circle – Lesson Songs for Peacemaking

By songwriter Paulette Meier and arrangements by David Archer A fun and musical way for children to learn lifelong skills for building better relationships, perfect for use by teachers, counselors, recreational leaders and parents. The 14 songs feature a diverse group of musicians including many youth. From country to reggae, blues to hip-hop, the variety of musical styles will entice children of all backgrounds and ages – as well as the adults listening in! $15.00

Conflict Resolution Cubes

Two sets of 4” durable cardboard cubes in watercolor. Designed for children ages 3 and over, children develop complex communication and conflict resolution skills. $13.95

Harmony Balls

An enchanting ball filled with magical, soothing chimes! This sweet sounding ball comes in two sizes (20mm and 28mm) and various styles to choose from. All harmony balls come with a black silk cord to wear as a necklace if so desired. $15.00


Children and adults alike will want to hug their world. This soft and brightly colored “12 globe is made of sturdy fabric and is filled with new recycled fibers. It’s so huggable! $15.00

Inflatable Globe

Think of this as a beach ball of the world. Blow up this “12 inch ball and toss it around for peace games and activities. $6.00

Linking Up!
By Sarah Pirtle You can promote caring, cooperation and communication in your early childhood classroom with Linking Up! This song and activity book provides everything a teacher needs to foster positive social skills such as caring, communication, cooperation, and the appreciation for diversity through music, movement and language arts. This wonderful activity book comes along with a CD. Tape $12.00, CD with book @29.00

Look Around

Tape of 16 original songs with lyrics booklet by Lucia Hooker, tapes $10.00, CD $15,00, $1.50 for song book only.

Magical Earth
by Sarah Pirtle Music which includes everything from silly stories to important themes about appreciating the world, people and animals. 14 songs on tape and CD. Tape $10.00, CD $15.00

Peace Crystal

A special symbol of peace, created by nature, the crystal includes a booklet on how it should be used. $5.00

The Wind Is Telling Secrets

by Sarah Pirtle There are 18 songs about nature, seasons and a world of whimsy with African, Spanish and Irish flavors. Tape $10.00 CD $ 15.00

Two Hands Hold The Earth

by Sarah Pirtle Here are 20 songs about appreciating the world and all who we share it with. Kids can sing about the seasons, and learn to solve problems without fighting. Tape $10.00, CD $15.00

A Gandhian Quaker Convict and Peace Teacher Lee Stern: World War II Conscientious Objector by Caroline Besse Webster $30

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