Conflict Resolution Course

Students of Elementary Education and Social Work take this course to help teach their prospective students and clients that conflict is not negative, but a natural part of life. The lessons learned from this class help these soon to be practitioners teach productive communication skills, affirmation skills, appreciation of diversity, empathy and creative solutions to problems. The text books used in the course are CRC publications: The Friendly Classroom for a Small Planet and the Friendly Classroom Mediation Manual.

Some of the objectives of the course:

  1. Examine our own attitudes and values regarding conflict (intellectual growth).
  2. Study the rationale for conflict resolution in schools and examine a variety of approaches and skills for dealing with those conflicts (inquiry, intellectual growth, professionalism, democratic citizenship).
  3. Explore peer mediation programs and develop understanding of how to implement them (diversity, democratic citizenship).
  4. Examine the implications of nonviolent conflict resolution for both educational and social change.

Currently this course is taught at SUNY New Paltz. If you are interested in bringing this course to your university or college, please contact Priscilla Prutzman at: 845-353-1796, or